Counting the cakes, candles and our blessings!

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David writes…

“In a week when we have celebrated a business anniversary, the launch of our new business name, logo and website, and my own birthday, I am surprised to say I have been lost for words on a couple of occasions. Yes, you read that right!”

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“Every day, the immense power of social media continues to wow and surprise us and it is such a fantastic medium to stay in touch with our dear friends across the world.”

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“But none more so than this memorable week; every post and inbox message has touched us personally and that is not to mention the most wonderful personalised cakes that made the tears roll down our cheeks.”

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Thank you so much

“Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy days to express your feelings through your beautiful art and creativity. We would not be where we are without you all in our lives and that means so much.

Whether you have recently joined the David Cakes family or have been a loyal supporter throughout the years, we salute and honour you.

We have met so many beautiful and happy people throughout our journey and look forward to meeting more.

We sincerely hope that you will find excitement on our new website. From the wide selection of free-hand cake decorating classes to shopping for luxurious Kelmy Royal Icing and insider industry information, it has all been created and designed with you in mind.

We are expecting great things this year and we invite you to join us as we head out onto a new adventure.

With love and happiness always”

David and all the team at David’s Cake Craft 🙂