For the love Royal Icing! – The story of how David’s teaching journey began…

DavidsCakeCraftDavids Cake Craft

During 2010 in between running his successful retail cake store for over 35 years in Liverpool, England, David started to teach cake decorating classes of an evening, sharing his knowledge of free-hand / free-style piping with Royal Icing, initially teaching a small group of 3 to 4 students who travelled from the local Liverpool area to attend his classes.

At the end of each class, with big smiles on their faces, proud students shared their achievements to the camera and David shared the photos onto his facebook.

It wasn’t very long before many UK students started travelling to Liverpool,  soon to be followed by many International students travelling from all over the world.

Classes were made up of a mix of first time cake decorators, owners of small cake businesses and other students who were sponsored by large corporations to attend, all excited to learn David’s free-hand / free style Royal Icing creative techniques.

With students travelling from all over the UK, David was also most honoured to receive international students travelling from USA, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Spain. Portugal, Italy, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia. Israel, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. Kuwait, Australia, Macau, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Sri-Lanka, India, Maldives, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana,

Within a few months David was being asked to share his knowledge and creative technique to students at many international cake decorating academies around the world. By the end of 2012 large corporations also reached out to David requesting him to give presentation speeches and demonstrations at International cake decorating conventions, attending as their international guest of honour.

With such a high demand from students wanting to learn his Royal Icing technique and time being taken up travelling around the world, David felt the time had come to focus on teaching full time and he started to ease off from creating wedding and celebration cakes for  his retail business which he subsequently he closed in 2014.

However, David’s retail cake shop experience has not been wasted as he continues to share his 35 years of retail experience and business insight to all his students who attend his in depth and intensive training programme modules.

Combining his retail experiences with his creative art, along with the technical and scientific knowledge he received during 2 years of intensive college training (where at 16 he was awarded Distinctions in City and Guilds Cake Decorating)  David’s cake decorating masterclasses are continually in high demand from his UK and international cake decorating audience.

David’s cake decorating masterclasses are marketed with a set cake project which students are of course welcome to duplicate as he demonstrates how the design was created. During the masterclass, David then encourages students to add their own ideas to their creative design.

As confidence grows, students then experiment adding their own inspired patterns to the cake project design. David believe this approach to creativity is very important to embrace as it challenges us and ultimately results in the evolution of our creative cake decorating skills.

David’s journey has been an incredible one. Starting his little business from a spare room in his humble family home, to being invited to travel and share his creative art technique around the world. It really is for the love of Royal Icing that motivates David to continue what he loves to do.

David expresses his thanks to all his students:

“It is such an honour to have been asked to share my knowledge and creative art. I am overwhelmed that so many people enjoy what I do and even more joyous that they want to embrace the art, to preserve and share it. I feel very fortunate to have met so many beautiful people on my journey and most blessed to have been given the opportunity to travel around the world and embrace so many different cultures which continually uplift my spirit and inspire my creativity. Thank you so much 🙂 x”