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Whether you are cake decorating for business or pleasure, David’s creative teaching philosophy is all about being free and not having to follow strict guidelines, as he encourages students to create as they feel and to think outside the box which ultimately leads to creative innovation.

Developing a free-hand / free style creative life skill leads to progress and evolution of an art form, resulting in each of us developing our very own unique and individual signature style.

We are very proud to present our students cake decorating stories and their creative evolution after their masterclass experience…

Chef Nicholas from Malaysia evolves with his string work piping…

Davids Cake Craft student

In 2015 Chef Nicholas Chai Autumn attended the Borneo Cake Exploration Convention held in Kuching, Malaysia where David was invited as international guest of honour by show organiser KINO Events.

During the convention presented in association with Spanish corporation Kelmy, cake decorators from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei gathered together to discover new techniques of creating with Royal Icing.

Nicholas and associates embraced David’s teaching philosophy and enjoyed creating a selection of Royal Icing piped and hand painted wedding and celebration cake designs.

2 years later learning David’s free-hand / free style piping techniques and absorbing himself in perfecting his Royal icing piping skills, Nicholas sent us a photo of his latest wedding cake creations (above right) showcasing ornate piping styles and string work cascades.

Congratulations Chef!  We thank you for sharing your spectacular wedding cake photo with us all!

Nada travels to Liverpool from Saudi Arabia for a Royal Icing adventure…

David's Cake Craft Student

Cake decorating hobbyist Nada Sulaiman travelled from Madinah in Saudia Arabia to Liverpool to attend a 7 day Royal Icing cake decorating masterclass course taking place at The Park Hotel hosted by David.

Nada who works in the medical profession, enjoys fondant cake decorating as relaxation therapy during her demanding and sometimes very stressful job.

Taking time off from work and spending a week in Liverpool creating everyday without a care in the world seemed the ideal way to unwind and discover more about her ultimate dream, to learn how to decorate cakes with Royal Icing.

With David’s guidance and support, Nada embraced free-hand / free style Royal Icing cake decorating for the very first time as she learned many new piping and painting techniques while enjoying designing and decorating lots of cakes during the 7 day event.

Spending time in the city to soak up the sights and sounds of Liverpool as well as having her dream to create with Royal icing fulfilled, Nada returned home to Saudi Arabia, inspired with new ideas and a new way to unwind after a long days work!

Nada sent us some photos of her first ever celebration cake she recently decorated with Royal Icing piping (above right)

A very Happy Birthday to Asel and Congratulations to you Nada and thank you for sharing your beautiful celebration cake photos !

Jolly Jilly from England creates a beautiful 6 tier wedding cake…

David's Cake Craft Student

Cake decorating hobbyist and blogger ‘Jolly Jillys’ Jill Cook from Essex has travelled to Liverpool many times to attend David’s masterclasses.

In 2014 Jill wanted to discover traditional Royal Icing coating techniques, In 2015 she returned to Liverpool to create with David a revolving carousel cake.

In 2016 she travelled once more to create with David and embrace lavish over piping and ornate letter piping.

Later in 2016 Jill’s daughter announced she was going to marry her sweetheart and asked her Mum (of course) to create the cake!

This was Jill’s moment to enjoy decorating a beautiful 6 tier wedding design with Royal Icing fine detail piping graced with floral bouquets.

A proud Mum with her beautiful wedding creation !  Congratulations Jill and thank you for sharing your lovely photos !

Yossi from Israel sings from his heart and decorates cakes with love…

David's Cake Craft Student

Professional singer Yossi Azulay has a voice which sweeps you away to the places and people you love and cherish.

With a captivating smile, the voice of Yossi Azulay tells stories of the ages, prayer, love, languages and countries near and far in an experience of the senses, bringing hearts together as he performs at live concerts (above right) in his home country of Israel.

Away from the spotlight Yossi enjoys time out cake decorating as a ‘wind down’ from his busy performing schedules.

Having followed David for many years on YouTube, Yossi decided to head out to Liverpool to finally meet David and embrace new creative ways to decorate cakes using free-hand / free style painting and piping techniques.

Creating with both Royal Icing and buttercream Yossi decorated many designs and enjoyed spending time with other international students who were attending the 7 day masterclass course event.

Yossi’s joy shone as he decorated a buttercream celebration cake to honour his son ‘Rom’.

Joanna from England embraces Royal Icing free-hand piping…

David's Cake Craft Student

Joanna runs her own specialist cake and event planning business in East Sussex England.

A qualified pastry chef, Joanna has recently added Royal Icing wedding cakes to her bespoke wedding cake design collection as a bridal choice of decoration.

Wanting her Royal Icing designs to become more elaborate and created quicker in her commercial business setting, Joanna decided to attend a David’s Cake Craft Masterclass.

With over 35 years of experience in running his own retail wedding and celebration cake store in Liverpool and receiving National Awards for training excellence, David was honoured to share his creative knowledge and also his own retail business experiences with Joanna.

Joanna sent us some photos of her recent bespoke wedding cake creations (above right) where she has added her own style of free-hand / free style Royal icing piping techniques in the decorating process

Congratulations Joanna and thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding cake photos !

David expresses sincere thanks to all his students

“Myself, Edward and all the team at David’s Cake Craft would like to thank all our students.

We feel most honoured to have met such beautiful people and to have shared such special times together as we hold those precious memories close to our hearts. We congratulate you all on your achievements.
Happy cake decorating! 🙂 ”

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