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In 2012 Spanish Corporation Kelmy invited David and Edward to assist in the development of new Kelmy bakery and cake decorating products and also take part in live piping challenges around the world…

 An unexpected call from Spain

In 2012 event organisers Amparo Maria along with Antonia and Pepe at cake decorating academy and supply store GAUDIR in Dénia Spain invited David and his assistant Edward to be their international guests of honour at a cake decorating masterclass convention, which was a great success.

The following year, during the 2013 training experience, Spanish bakery ingredient and traditional ice cream manufacturer Kelmy contacted Amparo and associates at GAUDIR asking if David and Edward would like to assist in the development of Kelmy’s latest cake decorating product – Kelmy Royal Icing.

Kelmy at David's Cake Craft

After meeting up in Dénia with Kelmy Directors Jaime and wife Margaret along with Amparo Maria and Antonia from GAUDIR, David and his assistant Edward travelled to the beautiful mountainous region of Jijona in Spain to visit the Kelmy corporation head quarters. The Liverpool cake decorators enjoyed a tour of Kelmy operations manufacturing facility which was established in 1953 by previous generations of the present Kelmy family.

Feeling most honoured and very excited, David and Edward discovered that Kelmy still use traditional recipes during the manufacture of their products, holding onto their cultural past while embracing modern technological production methods.

Kelmy Jijona Spain

After offering Kelmy many suggestions and ideas which were embraced wholeheartedly, David and Edward received  a sample shipment of Kelmy Royal Icing which arrived in Liverpool for approval.

An unforgettable moment

David remembers…
“I opened the box and saw the slick vinyl packing containing the Royal Icing mix, I thought WOW this is already a great product!  Once I opened the bag, there it was, such a beautiful, free flowing powder, milled so fine so there was no need to sieve!…I simply emptied out some powder into a mixing bowl, added water and started up the mixer… here we go!  WOW!… so smooth, so white and it tasted so natural – because it is ! – 100% natural ingredients, it’s gluten free and carries a Halal and Kosher certification. My biggest thrill was that I was able to mix the Royal icing on a fast speed and it still piped through a No.1 piping tip without a single strand breaking. This is going to be wonderful for extreme piping, complex string work and so much more!”


Global marketing results in live piping challenges

With their product all ready for distribution, Kelmy were now faced with a new challenge as they needed to find a way to show hobbyists and professional cake decorators just how good their NEW Royal Icing mix really was.

David Cakes Kelmy cake shows

Kelmy invited David and Edward to join them to attend international cake shows and bakery expos around the world giving live demonstrations and encouraging audience participation.

Kelmy presents David Cakes cake shows

And so began an ongoing adventure as David and Edward have enjoyed travelling with Kelmy as their international guests attending corporate events in UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

Kelmy presents David Cakes cake shows

At each cake show Kelmy set David and Edward exciting piping projects as they are challenged to create giant lavish  wedding cakes, while demonstrating how to pipe cake decorations, piped names and how to create flowers all with free-hand / freestyle techniques as they enjoy using Kelmy products.

Kelmy presents David Cakes cake shows

As well as Kelmy Royal Icing, David and Edward enjoy decorating show cakes with Kelmy Frosting a beautifully light ‘Swiss Meringue’ style cream which can be piped using the same techniques as with Kelmy Royal Icing.

Kelmy cake shows

Kelmy has showcased it’s Royal Icing, frosting and fondant to an excited global audience as David and Edward have been challenged to push their creative boundaries literally higher and higher during live piping challenges.

David Cakes at cake shows

The most recent Kelmy live piping challenge took place at CAKE DREAMS international cake show in Dortmund Germany. Presented in association with CREATIVA (the largest arts and craft expo in Europe) David and Edward were challenge to decorate a huge 11ft tall, 9 tier ‘Royal Style’ wedding cake – start to finish in just 3 days!

Kelmy at cake shows

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In 2016 David’s Cake Craft became the exclusive UK importer and UK distributor of Kelmy Royal Icing which is now available for purchase through our online store