A New York casting agency contacts David offering him a TV contract after watching his YouTube videos

In December 2010 David received a telephone call from a casting agency in New York USA inviting him to be a judge on an international 13 part cake decorating reality TV Series called CAKE WALK that had been commissioned by major Canadian television network ‘Slice’.

Feeling most honoured accepting the invitation while securing a television contract, David was then flown to Toronto Canada by series creators Buck Productions where he joined the show’s hostess Caroline Rhea along with fellow judges Alexandria Pellegrino and Gordon Bailey.

Filming of the series commenced March 2011 and on September 7th 2011 CAKE WALK premiered on ‘Slice’ receiving critical acclaim from Canadian press and TV media.

CAKE WALK International Success

Since the series premiere in Canada, CAKE WALK has been syndicated and broadcast on television networks in North, Central and South America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

David gets serious in the ‘Judging Zone’

David reveals “Many times I have been asked ‘Why do you look so serious on CAKE WALK?.

My answer is… when I am in the judging zone I am very focused. I was invited by the producers of the series to follow their set of rules, to ask the competitors many questions, to listen and observe, evaluate while being completely honest and unbiased at all times.

For the judges, it was all about finding what we believed to be the most suitable wedding cake creation for the bride and groom, not just in design, but also how the creativity was executed by the designer, their focus on time management, how their cake tasted and how everything
had been considered with regards to wedding cake requirements of the couple.

The competitors were all wonderful and so talented. It is such a BIG job to do what they did in just 7 hours, but through hard work and determination they all completed their designs.”

Beyond the CAKE WALK Experience

Once David had finished working on CAKE WALK he decided the time was right to start travelling around the world sharing and teaching his creative cake decorating technique.

From 2011 to 2016 as well as being invited to share his art in many European countries, David was also invited to attend corporate events in USA and Asia giving presentation speeches about creating the two Royal Wedding Cakes for The British Royal Family along with his passion for creating with Royal Icing while meeting up with International followers of the show who had enjoyed watching CAKE WALK. David concluded “Working along side comedienne and hostess Caroline Rhea, my fellow judges Alexandria Pellegrino and Gordon Bailey, not forgetting the wonderful and talented competitors, romantic couples and the fantastic crew at Buck Productions was an amazing experience I will never forget and will always treasure!”

CAKE WALK: Series Summary and Cast

CAKE WALK is an exciting fast paced cake decorating reality TV series hosted by actress and comedienne Caroline Rhea who starred in ‘Sabrina Teenage Witch’.

Each episode focuses on three competing cake designers who race against the clock having only just 7 hours to create a dream wedding cake for a lucky couple!

From a Shakespearean Masquerade Ball theme to a Punk Rock theme, each episode challenges the cake designer’s creativity and artistic vision as they create a wedding cake that tells the story of how the bride and groom met while the cake design has to embrace the desired theme as requested by bride and groom.

David MacCarfrae along with fellow judges Alexandria Pellegrino and
Gordon Bailey observe and critique each wedding cake design, taste and style, as well as observing the cake designer’s time management skills and their overall creativity applied to the wedding cake design to satisfy the wishes of the bride and groom.

After presenting the judges with cake for tasting and completing their
wedding cake design, each competitor then has only 30 seconds to carry the entire assembled wedding cake creation to a presentation area where the wedding couple give their critique of the cake designs.

Finally the panel of 3 judges decide between themselves which wedding cake design they feel best suits the bride and groom’s requirements and will be recreated to grace the top table on the couple’s wedding day.

At the end of each episode the winning cake designer is presented with a CAKE WALK trophy and takes home $5,000 cash prize.

CAKE WALK Episode Guide:
13 episodes X 45 minutes

Shakespearean Masquerade • French Flair • Shop-a-holic • Hollywood Glamour • Tropical Paradise • Punk Rock Love • Belle of The Ball • Robot Adventure • Fright Night • The Cake of Life • Sea of Love • Rustic Vineyard • Woodsy Outdoors