Private Group Masterclass

Create together at your ‘Dream Masterclass’

David’s Cake Craft offers bespoke intensive training for a private group of students who want to learn cake decorating tailored to their individual requirements.

David MacCarfrae can assist you with your cake decorating requirements by designing your group an exclusive unique personalised training program teaching free hand / free style cake decorating life skills at a level to suit individual needs to give maximum information and creativity during the private teaching event that takes place in Liverpool UK.

Winner of The National Training Award and celebrating with City and Guild ‘Distinctions’ achieved through 2 years of intensive college training, plus over 35 years of experience in the retail industry, including spending 3 years in corporate baking industry, David can teach your group quick and easy commercial cake decorating techniques as well as more complex cake decorating while addressing important scientific and technical aspects, giving everyone confidence to evolve in both creative cake art and piping as we embrace free hand / free style cake decorating techniques.

The techniques David teaches date back centuries in their form and can be applied universally to whatever medium you are using… even taking the piping techniques into a savoury medium.

Starting at a time that suits, David teaches private group masterclass for a minimum of 6 hours and up to a maximum of 8 hours in one day. With all materials supplied and use of all equipment included, this event also includes light beverages and snacks plus a complimentary lunch.

Whether it be for your business or simply for pleasure, a bespoke cake decorating masterclass with David guarantees you and your group a new and exciting creative experience that is both educational and also great fun!

Special discounted deals available for group bookings!

For more information please feel free to contact us