1 Day Cake Decorating Masterclass Course (Training Programme 3)

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This course will be taking place at The Park Hotel, Dunningsbridge Road,
Netherton, Liverpool, L30 6YN, England UK

Date: Sunday 10th June 2018
( 9am – 6pm )

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The Park Hotel offers David’s Cake Craft students accommodation at special discounted rates
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Run-out Work / Decorating Chocolate / Wedding Cake Plaques / Cookies / Lattice Piping / Extension Work

Create 5 exciting designs as you enjoy cake decorating with both Royal Icing and assorted mediums

Join David as he presents an exciting one day training programme designed to help you evolve your cake decorating skills as you learn a new approach to decorating cakes, embracing centuries old creative free hand cake decorating techniques.

Enjoy piping all your design patterns spontaneously onto the cake surface without having to use any templates, stencils, cutters, modelling tools or moulds, so making your cake decorating quicker, easier and more profitable.

Having had the honour of creating a Royal Engagement Cake and 2 Royal Wedding Cakes for the British Royal Family as well as creating many wedding cakes for both celebrity and society clientele, David will share trade secrets along with his experiences from over 35 years of running his multi-award winning Liverpool based retail cake store business which he originally started from home in 1981.

Everyone is welcome

David welcomes hobbyists, beginners and experienced cake decorators to attend and enjoy this training experience.
Whether you cake decorate for a hobby or you are planning to open or are already running your own retail cake decorating business, having an abundance of creative free-hand cake decorating life skills will give you the advantage not only to be quick at what you do, but also allow you to stay ahead through originality and reinvention.

Davids Cake Craft cake decorating course

One to one attention guaranteed

David  guarantees personalised one to one attention for every student, offering guidance and support whenever help is needed, ensuring that you receive maximum training customised to your own requirements as he encourages you to express yourself creatively, with no restrictions as you enjoy your cake decorating experience applying your own signature style.

During the course David teaches free-hand techniques for both left and right handed students

David believes that having the freedom to create in your comfort zone is very important to evolve creativity, so whether left or right handed, expressing your own creative style in your own way, without any restrictions, makes the creative process a pure pleasure without stress and will increase creative potential.

David reassures students that he speaks slowly during the course, and also, as what he does is very visual, it is easy to learn his technique through watching his demonstrations.

Create with David Cakes

During the 1 Day Masterclass Course David will teach you how to create…

David's Cake Craft 1 day course 3 project 1

Ornate Run-out Collar Wedding Cake Design

David will teach you how to design and create your very own unique Royal Icing run out collar, combining fine intricate piping detail within the collar resulting in a beautiful top tier wedding cake creation.


David's Cake Craft 1 day course 3 project 2
Luxurious Wedding Cake Design with Lattice Piping and Extension Work

Create a beautiful single tier wedding cake design decorated with Royal Icing string work, lattice piping, extension piping and piped bows, all created using free-hand techniques.


David's Cake Craft 1 day course 3 project 3

Embellishing Chocolate Decorations with Fine Piping Detail

For those who enjoy creating their own wedding and Dinner Party gateaux, cup cakes or desserts, this project is ideal.

Focusing on embellishing an assortment of chocolate shapes and pieces that can be used to add a decorative finish to your cake creations.

David will be addressing how to apply the fine detailing piping techniques with a selection of mediums – including ganache, praline, buttercreams and also with chocolate and hazelnut spreads!


David's Cake Craft 1 day course 3 project 4

Run-out Floral Posy Bouquet

Complete your wedding cake design with a beautiful Royal icing run-out floral posy bouquet topper, embellished with dainty piped flowers.


David's Cake Craft 1 day course 3 project 5

Wedding Cake Plaques and Cookies

Learn how to personalise wedding cakes with Victorian Inspired Royal Icing piped intertwined monogram wedding cake plaques and apply the same creative techniques to decorate luxurious cookies.

David will share with you technical cake decorating advice and time saving tips…

How he makes Royal Icing using egg whites, meringue powder and instant mixes while addressing all the technical aspects.

David will address the consistencies required for both Royal Icing and buttercream cake decorating techniques used during the creation of your unique design projects.

David's Cake Craft One day Cake Decorating Masterclass 3 in Liverpool 

All equipment and materials supplied

All equipment and materials are supplied along with complimentary light beverages and snacks served during the event.

At the end of the course you are welcome to take home your cake design creations

After your masterclass experience you will be able to take home your creations and admire your achievement as well as use them for a future reference point as you practice and evolve in your cake decorating skills.

David's Cake Craft Certificate of Achievement

Celebrating your creative achievements

At the end of the course you will be presented with an official ‘David’s Cake Craft Certificate of Achievement’ personally signed by David.David's Cake Craft Kelmy Shop

Superior Quality Kelmy products available for purchase

David’s Cake Craft cake decorating courses are presented in association with Spanish corporation Kelmy who invited David to assist in the development of Kelmy Royal Icing and other Kelmy bakery products which are gluten free and  also Halal and Kosher Certified.

During your training course you will be able to enjoy decorating your design projects using Kelmy products and at the end of the event you will have the opportunity to purchase a selection of Kelmy products at special discounted prices.

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Davids Cake Craft teaching venue

Relax and enjoy your cake decorating experience in Liverpool

The Park Hotel offers David’s Cake Craft students accommodation at special discounted rates

If you are travelling to Liverpool from outside the area or overseas, you may wish to make your journey less stressful and start your cake decorating experience at The Park Hotel straight after breakfast.

‘The Sefton Suite’ where David’s cake decorating masterclasses take place, is only a few steps from the hotel’s restaurant, so you can begin your day relaxed and calm.

Located next door to a large supermarket, The Park Hotel offers visitors a comfy nights rest, a delicious breakfast and evening meal. With free Wi-Fi there is also free car parking and wheelchair access to all visitors.

Many international students who attend David’s Cake Craft Masterclasses travel from very long distances. Should you decide to arrive in Liverpool a few days early, you may wish to simply relax and replenish for the creative days ahead or discover Liverpool taking a magical mystery tour and explore our wonderful city!

Whether it is shopping or taking a scenic tour of the city centre with a travel guide ( that we can arrange for you) , it’s always great to discover the cultural, sights and sounds of Liverpool old and new!

We are here to help

We want to ensure that you have an amazing and unforgettable experience whilst staying with us here in our fantastic city, so please let us know in advance if we can do anything to help make your stay even more enjoyable.

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