Student Gallery and Reviews

Showcasing students creations as they review their masterclass experience

David’s Cake Craft is most honoured to welcome students from all over the world to our academy in Liverpool England.

David always encourages students to think out of the box and challenge themselves as they embrace the unrestricted art of free-hand cake decorating, learning centuries old techniques with his support and guidance.

Some students who attend David’s masterclass courses are absolute beginners who simply want to enjoy cake decorating as a wind down hobby during their busy lives, while others who run their own small businesses attend a course in search of commercial ways to make their cake decorating quicker and more profitable.

At every masterclass course he hosts, David incorporates his 30 years of retail cake decorating store experiences into the training programs, embracing time management and technical issues while keeping the fun creative element at all times, so the masterclass experience is realistic, refreshing as well as very informative.

We thank all our students for all your kind words which mean so much 🙂


Janet from England


Sonia from Kenya


Dawn from Canada


Cynthia from China

“Hi David! Thank you so much for your inspiration and wisdom. I grew leaps and bounds not only with the skill you shared but grew spiritually with wisdom you gifted us. I was so lucky to have such a lovely class that nurtured the birth of a new skill so tenderly. I hope to practice the gift you have passed on and use it to create more beauty in the world. I thank you you both for your ever so caring hospitality, and patience. I truly did enjoy myself…. I forever will have a part of you in my creation, no matter how far I may be, and will always think of music when I create. Much love, Sonia”
Sonia Farook – Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

“David and Ed… after attending your classes I returned to Canada a completely different person both professionally AND personally!  It took a little coaxing but suddenly something snapped in me and I was able to let my creative side take over. I have never felt so FREE…
You truly ARE gifted and I am so fortunate that you shared that gift with me!  Thank you for showing me so many amazing techniques.  I will carry this experience with me forever!”

Dawn Fletcher –  Ontario Canada

“I just finished a course and had a fabulous time. Thank you so much David, Ed for all the fantastic skills, your patience and tolerance and for making us all feel at ease (didn’t need the Vodka after all !!! Lol) Can highly recommend * fantastic ! Lol”
Bernadette Whelan – Liverpool, UK

“Thank you so much! This experience changed my life! I’m so thankful!”
Suzette Oxendine – Maryland, USA

“Thank you for another wonderful class! I was a complete novice before I entered into the world of ”David’s Cakes” and now my confidence has soared. The atmosphere is fun, relaxed and ever so welcoming. The courses are an absolute must for anybody wanting to learn the art of cake decorating and totally adaptable for the more experienced. Best experience ever! xxxx”
Gill Parry – Liverpool, UK

“Anyone thinking of booking a David Cakes class really just needs to do it! Friendly, casual, informative, professional and just and absolutely fabulous day. Thanks Guys, you were welcoming and encouraging. I’ll be back ! x”
Jeanette Sunderland – Bradford, UK

“Hi David… studying with you and learning your intricate and ornate method of free hand Royal Icing cake decorating truly was a spectacular experience and one I will always embrace and never forget! Thank you so much”
Ava Levin – Ohio, USA

“ I have just completed a 3 day course with David & Ed. I have met some wonderful interesting ladies from all over the world. I have learned so much in a nice friendly relaxed way. Would highly recommend Davids Cakes”
Sue McKenna – Liverpool, UK

“What a fab day, really enjoyed it! Thank you so much to David and his team. Learnt so much, it was amazing! Anyone thinking about attending a class, just go for it, you won’t regret it, it suits every level! xxx”
Celia MacDonald – Liverpool, UK

“Thank you Chef David and Chef Edward for the great training provided. I learnt a lot , even though I’m not the best, but I’m sure I’m blessed. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to join your course. Thank you”
Nicholas Chai Autumn – Malaysia

“Thank you David and Ed, it was a great experience!”
Kainaz Bharucha – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Thank you… fantastic time indeed. Highly recommend David Cakes courses”
Hanna Zawiela – Wellingborough, Northamptonshire UK

“Thank you very much David and Ed, I really enjoyed your class and I will be practising Royal icing techniques you have taught me”
Sethi Chen – Bejing, China

“Hi David I can’t begin to appreciate you guys for your humility, love, and patience in helping out! I look at your hands, David, and I see God’s Hands embedded in yours, with so much knowledge and creativity, itching to be released to as many as desire it! Thanks a million times to you and Ed, running up and down to get my things together on time so that I didn’t miss my train! Be sure that I will be back!!! Regards, Rose”
Rose Obeya – Nigeria, Africa

“The absolute BEST day of cake decorating! Thanks to the wonderful David and Ed for making the day such a great experience !”
Gráinne MacClancy – Dublin, Republic of Ireland

“The most amazing cake adventure ever! Had a fab time, would recommend David Cakes courses to anyone who wants to become more creative using royal icing and use air brushing techniques…. David is a fabulous teacher & Ed makes the best flowers & strong coffee in town. A wonderful experience to treasure always. A must for any aspiring cake decorator.”
Nikki Williams – Denbighshire Wales, UK


Elvira from Germany


Antra from Latvia


Riza from Singapore


Alexandre from Portugal

“The course was fantastic – My husband is astounded by how much we’ve made in just 2-days and he thinks it’s a definite ‘keep’ cake! Thanks to you and the team for making it a really enjoyable and informative day in a very relaxed and well organised environment. The cakes you make are beautiful, and they really set the scene for the day ahead. Course content was both highly practical and creative – everything combined, a real inspiration to use the skills learnt going forward! ”
Mandy Strahand – Cheshire, UK

“David, it was such an honor to spend time with you and learn your craft! It was an experience I will never forget! We will meet again-that’s for sure! I can’t wait!”
Carina Kankkonen Hultgren – New York, USA

“Thank you for such a wonderful day, had a fantastic time and learned so much. Would recommend to any cake maker”
Angela Orr – Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK

“Thank you so much that i could be there and learn amazing work and meet wonderful and creative people !!! That was pleasure!!!”
Wioletta Adamska – Leeds, UK

“Hi David I just want to say a big thank you for last Sunday. I had a wonderful time with yourself and Ed. Lovely atmosphere great learning. Hope to see you at Cake International, Dawn x”
Dawn Norris – Leicester UK

“Hi David and Ed, thank you so much for everything you taught me. It was a great experience when I started my first piping with you and thank you for all your kindness and friendliness…I will never forget and I hope to see you again. I’m looking at my beautiful cake and I’m thinking about you. Everybody likes it and i said yes that’s a David’s Cakes! Thank you again, love you all and have a lovely day”
Aziza Hakimi – Washington DC, USA

“Hey Dave and Ed it was such an awesome experience! I haven’t stopped talking about it all week! It was awesome learning all the great techniques & even better getting to meet you guys! Love & miss you guys LOTS!!! Thanks sooo much for the great memories!!”
Michelle Peznowski – Connecticut, USA

“Cheers David and Ed it was a superb course , exceeded my expectations again :)”
Benjamin Lee – Anglesey Wales UK

“Fab day! People are very impressed with my creation!! Thank you”
Hannah Rebecca Evans – Liverpool UK

“A million THANK YOU’S Dave and Ed for today’s class! It was one of the best days of my life! You really are the nicest guys and I’ve learned so much… I take away so much from the experience. It was such a joy and I feel blessed to have been part if it! Woo! Woo! X
Looking forward to booking another Masterclass soon! Much Love, Gill xxx”
Gillian Gould Baum – London, UK

“Great class! I highly recommend this to all cake creators xxx”
Jackie Thompson – Brisbane, Australia

“Fantastic course! you all made me so welcome. Can’t wait to come back !”
Fiona King- Lancashire, UK

“Thank you so much to both of you. I had a really great time. You are so fun and so patient. Your work is amazing and your teaching is really good. I strongly recommend your course. Hope one day I will have the opportunity to come back to Liverpool to a new course!”
Patricia Lafargue – Barcelona, Spain


Maruiska from Cuba


Niko from Spain


Sunita from Germany


Kinuku from Hong Kong

“Hi David & Ed, Wow it was amazing. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed that class with you both together please let me know when you arrange any other classes. Hope you both doing well and hope to see you both again. Enjoy the summer Regards Sumeeja”
Sumeeja Navaratne – Manchester, UK

“Hi David and Ed, I had a terrific and memorable day and will remember it for a long time to come. It was an amazing experience , learnt so much and enjoyed everything immensely. You made it a day to remember. Thank you both so much….the music was terrific, the food was excellent…could not complain about anything.
A few people who saw the photo of my decorated cake were very impressed. Wishing you continued success . With warmest wishes Maysoon“
Maysoon Aldoori – Scotland, UK

“Thanks Dave the course was brilliant! I’ll definitely be coming back. And I’d highly recommend it to anyone else! Xx”
Jennifer Cutcliffe – Lake District, Cumbria, UK

“Thank you for a wonderful experence. I really enjoyed every aspect of the day !”
Jean Greenhalf – Yorkshire, UK

“Thank you and Ed for the fantastic course!”
Cristina Arevalo – Portugal

“Hi Dave and Ed, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for another awesome weekend of piping!!!! It was great to see you both again – you are both such genuine lovely guys as well as being a huge creative inspiration! It’s been such a pleasure to spend a weekend enjoying creating for myself, rather than for a customer! I hope our paths will cross again soon, in the meantime wishing you both lots of love and happiness for the future.
Take care on your travels.”
Ruth Poar – Chorley UK

“I attended this course at the weekend and I have to say I had an absolutely amazing time. It was the best course I have ever been on. The amount of preparation that went into the course by the the tutors was phenomenal, the support and encouragement over the two days to be creative was fantastic.  I ended up with a cake I would never have dreamt I could make. Such a lovely group of people attending too. Thank you so much to all the tutors for the sharing of skills and knowledge. If you get the chance to go on this course – do it. You will not regret it!”
Amanda Forbes – Leeds UK

“Thanx David! It was awesome arrived safely and the string work was in one piece! :)”
Leonardo Enoy – London, UK

“Dear David and Ed,  I attended your recent palette knife painting classes and beginners royal icing and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your classes – I feel as though I have found something fantastic here, the royal icing needs more work but as they say practice makes perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed the tuition and the music was first class and I hope I shall be able to see you again in the future. Best regards”
Doreen Massouras – Spain

“David! Ed! You guys are so fantastic. You did a great job teaching so much valuable information. I want to thank you for such a great experience. I can honestly say in a heartbeat I’d attend another of your classes. I absolutely look forward to seeing you guys again soon !”
Scott Florence – Sugarfuse – Ohio, USA

“Had a marvellous time. ..Over way too quickly!”
Yvonne Washington – Coseley, West Midlands, UK

“Thanks Dave the course was brilliant! I’ll definitely be coming back. And I’d highly recommend it to anyone else! Xx”
Jennifer Cutcliffe – Lake District Cumbria UK


Jill from England


Patricia from USA


Angel from Brunei


Mirka from Estonia

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today. Best day EVER! Lovely teachers and great group of ladies! Thank you once again David and Ed. You are both true gentlemen with amazing kindness and talent.”
Jill Cook – Essex, UK

“Hi David and Ed, Thank you for fantastic weekend it was really good experience for me and I learned a lot from you both 🙂 This really makes me passionate about working in the cake industry. Thank you very much for everything”
Mirka – Tallin Estonia

“What a fantastic time I had, what David doesn’t know about Royal Icing is not worth knowing! David and Ed were both welcoming and friendly, I had soooo much fun with David and the lovely ladies from Estonia and the USA. I really really strongly recommed to go on David’s course as the tuition is second to none and you will go away with a wealth of knowledge and an amazing experience. Thank you so much David, lots of love Janine xxx”
Janine Cara – Cheshire UK

“Thanks David and Ed! I had such a brilliant day today!!!! I can’t wait to go home and practice, practice, practice!”
Jenny Griffiths – Melbourne, Australia

“Thanks so much David & Ed!!
Ivy Go – Douglas, Isle of Man, UK

“Dear David and Ed, it was a thrill to meet you both as well as being in Liverpool! Thanks so much, the class was amazing and such fun – it was great to meet such interesting, creative and nice people. Such a wonderful experience and Liverpool is great! Hopefully will see you both again very soon Xx X”
Simone Wyld – London, UK

“Hi to both David and Ed, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for this weekend, this is the first cake decorating course I have been on so had no idea what to expect and the weekend was fantastic! You were both very welcoming and helpful, two lovely lovely people (and I’ve never been so chilled out with your music!) I have learned loads and gained confidence to actually have a go with royal icing – now I just need to get practicing! Thanks ever so much and I wish you both all the best for the future”
Helen Burgess – Lancashire, UK

“Thanks so very much guys the course was fantastic and very interesting. Dave and Ed u are wonderful people, l can’t wait to come back. Keep up the great work – the sky is ur limit!
Hey Ed, thanks for the lift to the train station. xxx”
Mercy Ogun – London, UK

“Had a fab time thank you so much X”
Kathie Johnson – Liverpool, UK

“Hi David and Ed, I would like to thank you so much for a wonderful time. It was an amazing cake adventure for me. Hope I will have a chance to see you again. Thank you so much Regards, Urszula”
Urszula Maczka – Northamptonshire UK


Rajvinber from England


Paz from Colombia


Natalie from China


Lillian from Nigeria

“David, I am sooooooooo happy – thank you thank you thank you !!!! Thank you again for all your help and I hope we will have the opportunity to see each other again. Best regards”
Anna Daraz-Tarnów – Poland

“Dear David and Ed!! Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for yesterday’s class. I had THE most fantastic day and it was like a dream come true! You are both two of the loveliest guys – real gents – and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you again. I have taken away so much knowledge from your class and I’m so grateful to you. See you again sometime! Love Gill x”
Gill Parry – Liverpool, UK

“Hi David and Ed, I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful day!!! I learned a lot! and enjoyed the time with all of you even more! Coming back home, all I can think about was Gosia’s stunningly beautiful eyes, Ed’s gentle, soft smile and of course David’s charismatic laughter! You guys are such a great team together.
Take care! Regards Jackie”
Jackie Seaton – Birmingham, UK

“What a great course!! I really loved it! thank you David, thank you Ed!! ”
Anabel Correia de Carvalho – Portugal

“Thanks so much for a great  class! I learnt so much and again feel inspired by your enthusiasm! Thanks to all the team too! u work so hard!!
Hope to see u all soon x”
Denise Coughlin – Liverpool, UK

“A wonderful person with incredibly contagious talent and marvelous work with lots of inspirations. Unforgettable experience…. with David and Edward. Looking forward to my new adventures with Royal Icing.”
Marlyn Khan – Hong Kong

“The master class I attended with you led me to a whole new life! It’s been 2 years now, during which I have been practicing & cake decorating a lot. For all this time I wanted so much to have my own cake shop that now. It seems like a dream is coming true In 1 month’s time I am opening my own cake shop in Italy I wish you could be at my opening to see with your eyes what you have helped to create If that day you did not pass all your passion to us, I may have given up.
But instead your magic and passion for your work got me to try each day to improve and get better at cake decorating, and now …see where I am – It has changed my whole life.
I am so blessed to have my 2 royal icing angels Thank you Dave & Ed!! It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!”
Marta Vanoni – Gazzada, Italy

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience It was the greatest experience.
Wish to see you next time. Once again, thank you. God bless. A million thanks again to you David and Ed!“

Theresa Garcia – Ireland

“David, Thank you so much for the wonderful two days I spent with you and Ed at the two day class I have learned so much and although I have been doing cakes for a long time I didn’t think I would be able to make such a fantastic cake, but with the skills of your teaching I was able to do just that and met a lovely group of ladies in doing so. Norma x”

Norma Linton – Moreton, Wirral, UK


Sandy from Taiwan


Theresa from Ghana


Zeus from Spain


Mandy from England

“David I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the Masterclass. You are a great mentor and it has inspired to work harder at being creative. I feel that I have only scratched the surface of your knowledge and what you can teach me. Both you and all the team made me feel so welcome.”
Mandy Gilbert – Oxford, UK

“Hi David, I wanted to tell you that I had a fabulous time in Liverpool meeting such lovely people. David and Ed are amazing artists and beautiful to work with. I feel lucky to have had such amazing people to learn from. You are bringing so much back to the art of cakes. It is inspiring. Thank you again for everything. We will definitely be seeing each other again! Please send Ed a great Hug and for the both of you.”
Maggie Greager – Nevada, USA

“Hi David, i just wanted to say a huge thank you to both you and Eddie for all your help and support, it was an honour to learn from you both. You are such inspirational people and I will take with me so many memories and skills. When you are in Spain please let me know, I will be there and I would love to invite you to any of our restaurants. Best wishes Lorrissa xx”
Lorissa Connolly – Alicante, Spain

“Thank you Dave and Ed – for the wonderful experience and very useful tips. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.”
Latha Bellary – Warrington, UK

“Thank you David and Ed for two wonderful, creative, inspiring days!!! Loved every minute of it!”
Julie Wolf Deffense – Portugal

“Hi David and Ed. Thanks so much for the wonderful day yesterday, & the big warm welcome from yourselves & other students!! Your relaxed style of teaching puts everybody at ease and its fun too!! Can’t wait to come down for the next one Susan xx P.S. thanks for the loan of your glasses Ed!”
Susan McInnes – Scotland, UK

“Dear David, I was very glad to meet you in person and would like to thank you wholeheartedly for teaching my daughter. Until now Anna has decorated cakes only for us and didn’t succeed to find a company, where she could decorate cakes… But she wants to try to decorate ice-cakes starting a small business at home. Thank you very much for your help!!! I am glad that my daughter has got a lot of energy, new ideas and views of life by creating in your courses and in England, thanks! It was very fascinating time for her there!
I wish you all the best in your life..We wish you all the best and success in all your future undertakings.
Faithfully, Antonina and Anna”
Antonina Mackova – Darmstadt, Germany

“Thank you Dave and Ed, I fully appreciate and value your time, tutoring and hospitality. I am really enjoying my new journey”
Tracy McFadden – Liverpool, UK

“David & Ed. Thanks so much for last night – OMG I had the best night ever. I have only ever piped butter cream roses onto cup cakes before. I had no idea I would be able to create something like that-thank you so much.  Thanks also to the other ladies who were also lovely. I (almost) wish I wasn’t going on holiday so I could book the next class! Big kiss XX”
Julie Hayden – West Yorkshire, UK


Gabriela from Germany


Sarah from England


Beatrice from Hong Kong


Tosin from Nigeria

“David & Ed, Thanks so much for such a fantastic creative experience. I’ve loved every minute of the last two days! It’s been amazing to watch you work and have your support and depth of knowledge to help us all to create our own master class masterpieces! They really were beautiful! For anyone thinking about booking a David Cakes class I’d say DO IT! David and Ed are there to support you every step of the way, great teachers and lovely hosts. You won’t be disappointed! Thanks again guys! Sarah x”
Sarah Louse Haslam – Birkdale, UK

“Dear Dave and Ed, you were a true blessing to me and my time with you guys has been one of the best times of cake decorating for me, thank you for making the craft a true joy!”
Tosin A. Ogunseinde – Nigeria

“Heart felt thanks to David and Ed…it was an honour meeting and learning from you. An unforgettable experience!”
Sandra Davilla – Tarronga, Spain

“Dear David & Ed, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys are absolutely AWESOME! I was enjoying to watch your demonstrations on YouTube again & again, but it was soooooooo AMAZING for real this time! I had a GREAT time! I am so impressed and inspired by your talents!
Looking forward to taking another class in the near future… With very Best Wishes”
Kyoko – Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

“Hello You Lovely lovely people!!!! Thank you all so much for sharing your creativity and considerable talents with me. You are such a wonderful bunch and will always be recommended to anyone I come across who wants to learn the craft. Ed you’re a ledge!!!! You are one of the warmest…loveliest men I have ever met and thanks for all your help. David….What can I say!!! You are definitely the Master of cakes, I love your style and manner in which you run your business. Thank you for sharing and being so patient with my A&E block lol !!! You Rock!!! and that rhymes!!! Good times!! lol Miss you all!”
Cheryl Hiscoke Andrews – Hertfordshire, UK

“Thank u David and Ed for making the class a truly memorable occasion.”
Sheela Arun – India

“Thank you very much David, It was nice to meet you in Liverpool. We did have a fantastic time and Lidia really loves your work and she sends you her hello!”
Gus and Lidia – Macau, China

“Hi David. Thank you very much, if was a fantastic day and I learnt so much which I hope to incorporate into my own work. I will definitely be back for more! Take Care and Best wishes”
Melanie Thomas – Bedfordshire, UK

“Thank you again for a fantastic day!”
Linda Ashdown – Cheshire, UK


Annette from England


Ten from Singapore


Maureen from Australia


Jayne from England

“Hello David I want to thank you so much for the class. I really learned a lot and I am looking forward to seeing you again. Best regards to you & Ed.
Once again I thank you and my children thank you as well”
Maria Garcia – Kentucky, USA

“Thank u so much for today, myself and Matthew had a fab time! I will take a lot with me and practice at home. Your work is amazing and I feel privileged to have worked with you all today. Many thanks ”
Laura Hicks – Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

“Best day ever!!! Thank you so much to David and Ed, sincerely genuine caring people, the day was made special thanks to those very special people!!! xxx”
Susan Williams – County Durham, UK

“Hi David & Ed, Just want to say a very big thank you for making the teaching day so good. I really enjoyed the day and happy with all that I learned. I am looking forward to making some spectacular cake creations!
Best wishes to you both.”
Seve Galea – Malta

“David & Ed, Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic cake decorating experience. Mum and I had a brilliant time with yourselves and we learnt so much, creating something we never thought possible! It was an absolute pleasure & honour to meet you! Hope to see you both again very soon!! ”
Vanya Whitehead – Leeds, UK

“Thank you very much, David and Ed! It was wonderful to participate in one of your amazing courses! It was great to learn with you.”
Rejane Silva – Portugal

“Thank you once again for the most amazing day – you guys are fantastic and so welcoming xxxxx”
Barbara Morris – Wirral, UK

“Hi David and Ed. First of all, can we say that we had the most brilliant day. We loved every minute of it. Thank you for your knowledge and patience. We must say you were both very helpful and very nice. With lots of love from the ladies in pink xx”
Marion Hulshof-Kimmels and Jet Passchier – The Netherlands

“Thanks so much to both of you for a fantastic day…I learned so much and loved every minute!! Great to meet people that are as passionate about cake decorating as you are. You are truly an inspiration! xx”
Nicola Pougher – Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire UK

“Thank you David for great full inspiration day. These experiences will be unforgettable. Thanks again x”
Beata Smorowinska – Poland

“Dear Dave and Ed, I had a truly wonderful day yesterday – lots of top-tips and useful skills. Best regards, Peter “
Peter Roberts – Birkenhead, Merseyside UK

“Hi David & Ed , what a lovely surprise I had when I opened my mailbox today and received your message from lovely Liverpool. I never thought I would get a certificate, as I didn’t complete the whole course; you can be certain THAT will be going on my facebook page & web-site for all to see!! THANK YOU BOTH for making the course so enjoyable; I had a great time too! It still gives me a little smile when I remember you calling ‘Ed?’ when you needed something, I think we all thought that was amusing. All my friends and work colleagues are now familiar with ‘David Cakes’ from Liverpool. I am waiting for the opportunity to use the string work skills you have taught me; I used the icing on a spider’s web and it was very effective. My goodness! You even remembered that I asked you about the Pizza Boxes; with your busy life-style and everything else you have to do….that is truely amazing! Thank you, I shall certainly have a look. I shall continue to ‘follow’ your course information / You-tube etc., when time permits, so the next time I want to learn some new Royal Icing skills, I know where to go. Yours sincerely Gina”
Gina Rees – Cambridgeshire, UK

“David and Ed were incredibly hospitable and caring. Wouldn’t stay without cuppa tea for long! The day was unforgettable!”
Olga Drover – South Ayrshire – Scotland, UK


Jenny from Israel


Nicki and Deb from England


Hafsa from Sweden


Natàlia from Russia

“David, Hi Ed, I had a fantastic time on the course. I cant wait to come back next Sunday. Everybody loves my cake. I am made up with it too. I learnt so much. A fantastic day, recommend to everyone interested in cake decorating , Dave and Ed are so welcoming. Thank you for a great day. Looking forward to seeing you both soon.
Take care Debs xxx”
Debbie Lamb – Wirral, UK

“Hi David and Ed, just wanted to say a big thank you for a wonderful day yesterday. It was amazing, loved it and I really enjoyed palette knife cake painting with Royal Icing. You are so inspiring and wonderful teachers. I learnt so much. I have had 1001 thing to do today,and could only keep thinking how lovely and tranquil yesterday was. As well as learning, it was lovely and relaxed and so much fun. Great course to take, all free-hand, you learn so much and so much fun. BIG BIG Thank you! Loads a luv, xxxxxx Gemma”
Gemma Gregson – Liverpool, UK

“Dear David, It was great pleasure meeting you. I really enjoyed the course ! Thank you so much for the unique experience, you are a great teacher!
I am looking forward to meeting you soon again. Best Regards Elpiniki”
Elpiniki Lambrinou – Athens, Greece

“Hi David, thank you for your warm wishes it has been an overwhelming experience for me to participate with you in a class and feel free to demonstrate my skills !!loved every minute thanks to you xxxx”
Sue Johnson – Birmingham, UK

“Great course! I really loved it! thank you David, thank you Ed!!”
Anabel Correia de Carvalho – Portugal

“A magnificent two days with extremely talented people !”
Amelia Felix – Portugal

“Hi David. It was a real pleasure to meet you and Ed. It was a very happy cake decorating day ! Thank you for your patience with me during the course. It was a pleasure to participate and to meet you personally. With sincere best wishes”
Jessica Jara Alvarez – Mallorca, Spain“Hi David & Ed, had a wonderful time last night. Thanks to you both. You made me very welcome and I can’t wait to come back. In the meantime I will be practicing …
You wet my appetite to experiment with colours and piping techniques thanks once again”
Kathy Roberts – Lllanwrst, Conway, Wales, UK

“David & Ed, I just wanted to say a big thanks to you both for a great weekend. I found it really informative, fun and challenging, and your warm hospitality was much appreciated. I was so impressed by all your skills and achievements and found the masterclass very useful for future endeavors. I managed to get the cake home all in one piece (even the loops were all in tact!) I just need to practice loads in the next few months! Thanks again – All the best!”
Mark Hryncyszyn – Buckinghamshire, UK

“Hi Dave and Ed, just want to say a big thank u, I had a fab 2 days with u doing my 3 tier cake, it was so nice to see you again and I learnt so much feel a lot more confident now. So thank you both so much.”
Katie Mensah – Enfield, Middlesex, UK


Michelle from England


Yossi from Israel


Junka from Hong Kong


Cristina from Spain

“Wow it was amazing !! David and Ed were absolutely brilliant !!!…loved every minute! Thank you so much, as always I love spending time with you and Ed. You’re amazing what you bring out in people . I mean in the short time we are with you we grow in confidence and you also bring out the best in everyone. I alone feel honoured to know you. You and Ed are an inspiration to myself and everyone else that know you. Look forward to seeing you again soon!  Michelle xxx”
Michelle Clarke – Lincoln, UK

“Good evening Mr David, Wow, Wow, Wow!! loved it ! My regards to your Mum and Mr Ed. Many thanks.”
Annabella Ugochukwu – Nigeria, Africa

“Hi David and Ed. It was a pleasure meeting you both yesterday and how much I enjoyed the course. I learnt a lot but will need to practice loads.
I will definitely be doing the advanced course and will keep an eye out for any other courses you do. I love learning new things!”
Stacey Butcher- Hertfordshire, UK

“It was great being able to meet such awesome sugar artists! I will never forget what a nice time we all had together! 
Candy Repsher Knappenberger – Pennsylvania, USA

“Had a fantastic time last night ! My daughter was made up with her cake ! Thank you so much David, Ed & Gosia. Hopefully I can come and do another class with you soon xxx”
Carly Cheers – Runcorn, Cheshire, UK

“Thank you xxx fantastic time indeed! Highly recommend David Cakes courses!”
Hanna Zawiela – Wellingborough, Northamptonshire UK

“Having completed a course today with David & Ed. I have met some wonderful interesting ladies from all over the world. I have learned so much in a nice friendly relaxed way. Would highly recommend David Cakes”
Sue McKenna – Liverpool UK

“Hi all, thanks for the photo will treasure it and the memories, I had a fantastic time, the company was excellent. When I look at the cake I can’t believe I did it.
Thank you for your knowledge and patience”
Kathy Roberts – Lllanwrst, Conway, Wales, UK

“Thank you so much for the training. I had a great day and loved learning the technique”
Vanessa Sartorel – Plymouth, UK

“Hi David, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time and experience I had with you on the Royal Icing course. Both you and Ed were very inspiring and patient! Thank you once again. Kindest regards, Sophie”
Sophie Davies-Cooke – Flintshire, Wales, UK

“David and Ed. I would just like to say a huge thanks for the class. I know everyone including myself had a fantastic day and learned some invaluable tips. Thanks again.”
Lisa Davies – Runcorn, Cheshire, UK

“Hi David and Ed. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic class. I had a great time and learnt so much. Just need to practice now !”
Carol Palmer – Liverpool, UK

“David, I really enjoyed the class. You and your team are the best teachers ever and I will definitely recommend. Kind regards Danielle”
Danielle Onyemaodi – Aberdeen, Scotland, UK


Monika from England


Anna from Italy


Mabo from China


Sarah from Hong Kong

“One of the best days ever! I had such an amazing time.  Love and hugs from Monika”
Monika Csiszar – London, UK

Anna Dibasova – Italy

“Thank you David and Ed. it was an amazing 3 days of creativity. It shows us indeed what the mind of man can achieve if we really focus. I am so glad I came. No regrets at all. Thanks to everyone that made the joyous moments.”
Oladele Adeboyejo – Nigeria, Africa

“Hi David and Ed, Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the excellent class. I will never forget it! It was a pleasure meeting you both and you have really inspired me to get into cake decorating. You asked for feedback from the course, I thought it was really good, not just for your demonstrations/information provided, but your help on the way. I felt like you accommodated for all levels which was very helpful. I just wanted to let you know that the course was a success and hopefully I will be as good as you one day (I hope) All the best xXx ”
Beth Schoolden – Stockport, UK

“Thank you David and Ed, you guys are awesome, it was a pleasure finally meeting you guys, I still cannot believe I was actually there learning from those who I admire the most. Thank you so much for the experience, loved every minute of it!!!”
Kiran Seehra Bhogal – West Midlands, UK

“Hello David and thank you for a really wonderful day! We had a great time and learned so much. It has made our project seem much more possible and it feels like we are now able to go into it with our eyes open to all the pitfalls as well as the possibilities. Thank you to you and your team for sharing so much knowledge and experience with us, for being so informative, inspirational and welcoming. A massive thank you again to you and to Ed, it was an honour and a pleasure to meet you all and spend the day with you. With love and thanks and best wishes!” Claudia, Dani, Ruby and Amy ”
Claudia and friends – Brighton, England, UK

“Had a fantastic day thank you David and Ed ur ace x”
Joanne Coupland – Leicestershire, UK

“David want to say thank you, great class. I learned so much and everyone was really welcoming. You will see me again I’m really getting into this!”
Greg Byczko – Texas USA

“I had so much fun! 😍
Llawer o ddiolch / Thank you!!!”
Jo Sutton – Denbigh Wales UK

“Thank you David and Ed. Loved my Saturday with you both. You made everything so easy to understand and nothing was too much trouble.
Looking forward to next class.”

Karen King – Liverpool UK

“I had a wonderful weekend and learnt so much. Thank you! ”
Helen Burgess – Chorley, Lancashire

“Hola David What a wonderful course! Thank you David Cakes for the unforgettable experience and for all of your patience. We are so happy we came to Liverpool and achieved so much, being able to make something truly special. Raul will be sending you a picture of what he is going to make for his Dad’s birthday. See you soon when we will be taking my sister to your wonderful courses. “Happy Raul and proud Mama !”
Alicia Macha-Perez – Spain

“Hi David & Ed, It was a pleasure meeting you both, I enjoy myself very much I have learn some new skills, thank you both and specially ED, tell him thanks a million for my big Rose it was ok, when I got home. Kind Regards To All, Norma”
Norma Mayers – London, UK

“I’m over the moon! Such a great experience and brilliant time! Thank you Dave and Ed!!!!
Thank you guys! It was absolutely brilliant! So pleased that I attended this course!”

Sylwia Anna Jozwiak – Poland

“A fab weekend, great teachers and new friends made, thanks Dave & Ed xx If anyone is thinking of going, would highly recommend it!”
Jayne Plant – Liverpool, UK

A message from David

“We are most honoured to receive so many messages which mean so much and we are delighted you enjoyed your cake decorating experiences. On behalf of myself , Edward and all the team at David’s Cake Craft we thank all our students for making our journey such a special and most memorable one. With sincere best wishes as always 🙂 – David”

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